Sunday, August 31, 2008

and then just a short time later..... WOW.
This sunset was amazing...

awwwwwwwwww this one must be for Valentines day, how sweet!
The Prickly pear are LOADED with fruit this year, so I'll be making Prickly pear Jelly soon... would you like see how that goes?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I kinda liked this onion, and when I stuck it in the window I liked the lighting on it even more. It was overcast and rainy, the soft light just caught my eye. One day.. it'll become a colored pencil piece.. or maybe some other medium. Haha.. on my list of 25 pieces to do ...

Lets get this party started... how about a few examples?

prickly pear blossoms

Also known as... I need a test run. ;)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tools.. camera and stuff.

A new blog just for my photographs....

I love my SLR digital camera! Before that I loved my Minolta SLR, which at close to 26 years old was probably worn out. lol. I've always taken lots of pictures. I think friends and family got tired of seeing that camera.

Oh well.

Last year for my birthday My dear, sweet, thoughtful husband bought me a Nikon D-80, isn't he wonderful?!

The main reason I wanted the D-80 was for my artwork, but I'm finding I use it for way more than just art. Family, friends (muhahahahaaa... they can't escape!) and now, with our youngest Son playing HIgh School Sports, I find myself clicking away there too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

two days progress

Not today's progress, but "two" days of progress because I forgot to take any pictures yesterday! Actually I started a new piece yesterday.. Now not only do I have more than one piece in progress, I actually have a total of 4! I (have 2 portraits, a figure and that poor ol cowboy to finish up.

So here is the update, her cheek is a little full still, I was in the process of shaping my shadows when I had to call it a day. Tomorrow it's more studio time ..yay!

(lol ok so I didn't move on to the flower yet like i'd planned lol.. I'll get there!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Today was a nice day in the studio, I think I managed to get about 3 hours of uninterupted drawing time in because my studio companion was recovering from a weekend full of family and chasing her ball to exhaustion. She resembles a mop laying in the "frame" of my easel on the floor lol. Poor little Pip!
Today I added a couple more pencils to my palette, henna and peachy beige...
tomorrow.. I've got to move down, get her chin set, and that darn purple iris! See.. I started with the easy parts lol!
It's starting to take on a glow, and a richness of color. Thats why I like my pencil well saturated and not layered lightly.. it's the depth of color that is so cool to me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

building more shadows

I've gone in again, laying in more shadow values. It seems I might be going about this the long way, you think? Actually, while I was blocking in my facial features, I laid in an underlayer of white, heavily in the areas that were to remain white, or had a highlight I didnt' want to lose. Then the pinks, peaches and lavenders. The darker colors "stain" the bristol, and this way, I can lift the darks if I need to, revealing the lighter or highlights underneith. Not so crazy now am I? ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aug 14 update Lisie and the Iris

The thing that drew me to this piece was the play of colors on her face, and the glow of the late afternoon sun in her hair. The contrast of warm & cool, with a touch of innocence on that face.

So, to get a bright highlight like i'm after, you need to counter it with dark values. Without darks there is no light.

I've got the likeness set, so now i'm going ot dig in and push those darks..

oh my gosh..what did she do? I went in with some black grape, black cherry, slate grey, true blue and lt curelean blue, coss hatched over the pinks and purples..

Then I went in with the fancy tool I use on Bristol called... toilet paper! I rubbed and blended my layers together and smoothed them out, mostly.

Plan of attack for at least a couple of hours tomorrow is to go another round with the darks to establish that facial shadow, and then re-establish the reflected lights and subtle shadings on her face, along with her hands.

Monday, August 11, 2008

small update on Lisie and the Iris

I didn't have much studio time today, but I did manage to get in a couple of hours. I forgot to say that this one is 9x12. I just basically added some layers, did a tiny amount of blending. I need to work my way down and around at this point. I'll work on that tomorrow ;)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lisie & the Iris, a WIP

Every once in awhile I'll fall into this little funk, art wise. Just when one would think, coming home from a big art show would be inspriring, it just isn't so. Not this time. The last few days have been tough. I feel a bit unfocused, and uninspired to start with. I've gone out to the studio and accomplished .. cleaning of all things lol. (how depressing is that?!)

I was lucky enough to attend a 5 day workshop with Carrie Ballantyne at the Scottsdale Artists School back in 2003. It was today that these words she said, popped up into my head. She said, " Being a professional artist means you work everyday on your art, weather you feel like it or not."

And of course, she's right. So, I took a deep breath, dusted myself off, and marched myself out to the studio. I have a big project I'm working on, but I'm not quite ready to get back into that just yet. So, I started with someting a little different than my norm. Something to loosen up and get back into the swing of things. No underpainting this time, lots of layers but direct color applications. I always use good ol' toilet paper to blend with when I'm using bristol, this time is no different.

This is prismacolor on Bristol Vellum.. Lisie & the Iris, a WIP

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My first post!

Last week my husband and I attended the 16th Annual CPSA International Exhibition in Seattle, Washington. It was a great trip, although I froze all week, it felt really good to get out of the heat! I loved seeing all my art friends, and meeting new ones but I really missed the ones that weren't there.

You know who you are!

This year my colored pencil piece "Chaps & Chevy's" was accepted into the show, earning me my my CPSA Signature Status award, a personal goal I can check off my list. I guess it's time to check the list again.

I was also asked to donate a piece of artwork for the silent auction at the convention. I donated "Workin' the Strawberry Roan" which was purchased by Shelly Minnis, who is a Prismacolor rep. Very cool because that piece is 100% prismacolor! ;)

Recieving my CPSA Signature Status at the CPSA Banquet in Seattle!