Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aug 14 update Lisie and the Iris

The thing that drew me to this piece was the play of colors on her face, and the glow of the late afternoon sun in her hair. The contrast of warm & cool, with a touch of innocence on that face.

So, to get a bright highlight like i'm after, you need to counter it with dark values. Without darks there is no light.

I've got the likeness set, so now i'm going ot dig in and push those darks..

oh my gosh..what did she do? I went in with some black grape, black cherry, slate grey, true blue and lt curelean blue, coss hatched over the pinks and purples..

Then I went in with the fancy tool I use on Bristol called... toilet paper! I rubbed and blended my layers together and smoothed them out, mostly.

Plan of attack for at least a couple of hours tomorrow is to go another round with the darks to establish that facial shadow, and then re-establish the reflected lights and subtle shadings on her face, along with her hands.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Crazy how you take those criss-cross hatch marks and smooth them out so well. Love seeing the work in all its stages.