Friday, August 22, 2008

Tools.. camera and stuff.

A new blog just for my photographs....

I love my SLR digital camera! Before that I loved my Minolta SLR, which at close to 26 years old was probably worn out. lol. I've always taken lots of pictures. I think friends and family got tired of seeing that camera.

Oh well.

Last year for my birthday My dear, sweet, thoughtful husband bought me a Nikon D-80, isn't he wonderful?!

The main reason I wanted the D-80 was for my artwork, but I'm finding I use it for way more than just art. Family, friends (muhahahahaaa... they can't escape!) and now, with our youngest Son playing HIgh School Sports, I find myself clicking away there too!


Larry Hartfield said...

I am sure you will love having a digital camera even more as time goes by. I have gigabytes of photos of grand children. Then I have the photos that mother nature provides on top of that.

Toni James, Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thank you Larry, I'm sure your right!