Friday, September 26, 2008

As I'm scrolling thru my image files on my computer, I'm finding images I've taken and never even opened! Is that a sign of someone who takes to many photographs?   Actually I take a lot of them as reference sources for my artwork. Some I'll get around to using but many of them I won't. So.. I decided to share a few more images, even thought they aren't new.
My hubby and I, took a little trip out one VERRRRRRRY COLD January morning this year. Just for fun, to try out my new lens I'd gotten for Christmas and see what came along. For those of you in the colder climates, you have to realize I'm a little desert rat.. and I like warmth! We woke early, donned our thermals, camoflage, some food and left before dawn. When we arrived at our location is was still BRRRRRRR dark, the wind was blowing and it was 22degrees!
The first faint glow of dawn was beginning to peek over the vast landscape to the east. There is a little spot where we like to go, an old windmill that still pumps water, into a trough for the cattle and wildlife. We set up the blind, got settled in, and waited.  It didn't take to long to realize this wasn't going to work to well for me. I'd grabbed the wrong hiking boots, not thinking of cold feet. Well, my feet got cold, as in numbing cold... and in turn everything else got cold too. We sat as long as we could but after awhile I had to get up and move. While hubby was folding up the blind, I walked over the the water trough that was just behind us.
Wearing camo clothing these little guys had no idea I was standing by the fence post. This little cactus wren was sitting ever so patiently waiting for the sun to warm him. The wind gusts were so strong that he was really having to hand on to that post... but I love the vastness of the landscape behind him, and the colors of my world that I love so much.
As I stood there leaning against the old fence post, (which, with the wind gusts was the only thing that kept me from swaying in the wind too) I found these little things to be very comical. Now, I've never been what one calls a "birder" but these little funny ladies were so amusing.  Even thought the sun was up, we were still in a hard freeze. These little ladies fluttered and fussed and pecked at the ice, wanting a drink.  They'd go from one side of the trough to the other, and back again. You could almost hear the conversation ... and to me it was like watching a bird version of  " I Love Lucy".  I took a few more shots of these guys.. and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR had to move. It's hard to hold a camera still when your shivering!
Just as a side note, hubby broke the ice for them before we left ;)
We hiked for awhile, then decided to take a drive. The morning was finally warming up!  We found a waterhole, that we didn't know was there before. As we walked down to it, Hubby, in front of me says "hurry come see this bird!". Of course the camera wasn't on... but at least I had it with me. As I rounded the hill I saw this gorgeous guy, but I had no idea what it was. He was so quick, he didn't stick around long.. fluttering over the water. I was lucky to get this quick shot. It wasn't until later I realized I had bumped the settings on my Nikon.. so this image isn't what I wanted or desired lol. But oh well, live and learn.
Then as we walked around the waterhole.. who did I find but the Mrs.... isn't she pretty?  As soon as I got home, I had to research what these guys were... Vermillion Flycatchers! Ahhhhhhhh I'm going to have to make a trip back out to the waterhole when it cools off for more pictures.
Oh.. and I bought new boots! ;)

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