Monday, September 15, 2008

Tennis anyone ~ or how about some puddle jumping?

Pip is our insane West Highland "White" Terrier (white being a non operative description seeing how playing in the MUD is one of her favorite things!) So besides mud, she love to chase tennis balls. Yes, she does bring them back and if your not paying attention she'll throw it at you too! Doggie slime and all...


We had been in the studio for a few hours, so we both went out to stretch our legs. Pip runs over to get her ball and just stands there and looks at it rather oddly....

lol, I guess she's not the only one who likes her favorite tennis ball!

just for an example.... My puddle jumpers!

Who's to say WHO the #1 instigator is here.. the two legged one or the four? I have my suspicions!
Now, isn't this a sorry excuse for a white dog? LOL!

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