Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Figuative CP work updated 10/21/08

This is where she was at yesterday, hence the date. I wanted to leave room for another update later tonite. I plan on spending all day in the studio, hopefully making alot of progress!
This figure work has done a little bit of morphing since I last updated it. I needed to build my background values in order to get the values on the figure correct. I do like the lighter background, but thought it was a little tame. I wanted more drama for this one.. so I pushed the values. I'll tweak the background again before I call it done, probably more than once.

Now.. my thoughts for the day : Less is more! lol!


Grahame Butler said...

Hi, great idea to alter the value of the background, it has pulled the model forward and given more depth to the drawing, (well in my humble opinion)is this a comissioned piece by the way

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

HI Grahame,

Thanks! While I liked the unity the previous background had, I'm after something a bit stronger this time. I'm sure the first bg can be used again elsewhere lol..

LOL.. no, not a commissioned piece. Tis something I've had in my head for a few years, finally had to do it. ;) It'll be a show piece.. maybe I'll see if Fed Ex can lose this one temporarily too?


Grahame Butler said...

seeing your work has made me consider trying out CP's though I wouldn't have a clue were to start with them, I am hoping to produce a drawing for my sister's birthday next year which needs to be in colour, Iv'e practiced with pastels but they dont have enough punch in the colours, so CP's might be the answer. keep up the great work. Grahame

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thats wonderful Grahame! What brand of cp would you be using, I don't think Prisma is readily available but Derwents are?

Pastels are just so messy.... I love them but not the mess.

If you have any questions.. just holler!