Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Parker Canyon Lake, Southern Arizona

One day last March, my husband says... Hey! let's take a drive, to somewhere we've never been before!

Hmmm, OK. Sounds like fun.

When all the kids were little, we made it a point to take a "day trip" as a family, once every month or two. We all added a little slip of paper with our day trip "destinations" into a coffee can. Then once a month we'd pull one out, and that's where we'd go. Awww memories! But we've only got one kiddo left at home, and at 16, he prefers NOT to go on many goofy adventures with Mom and Dad.

So, this trip it was just the two of us.

We'd never been to Parker Canyon Lake, which is about 40 miles south of our home, and really really close to to the border of Mexico!

This is the marker for the Arizona Trail. The Arizona Trail is an old historic trail that ran from Mexico up through Arizona into Utah. Many parts of this trail were lost, but it is now being restored for non-motorized use. Lots of equine riders, and hikers use this trail. You can access it at different locations, and it's marked where it's been renovated. We've rode parts of it on the mules, but have yet to ride any sections that are close to us.
Look.... Mexico!!! LOL, this is looking South from the Arizona Trail sign above, which is overlooking the lake.

This is a man made lake, as you can see here by the earthen dam on the far side of the water. The wind was blowing like crazy the day we were here.... but it was a beautiful day!

I know.. it's a bobber blowing in the wind.... but it amused me! lol!

These are Pronghorn Antelope, outside of Sonoita, Arizona

She's a bit scruffy looking isn't she?

I hope you enjoyed the trip!

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