Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TCPAA Winter Exhibition

I'll be participating with my fellow Tucson CP artists in our winter Exhibition. I'll have "Chaps & Chevy's" and " Shootin' the Breeze" there if anyone is in the neighborhood, and would like to view my, and others CP work this is a wonderful place to do so.

Artists reception December 7, 2008 2-4pm.

The Tucson Colored Pencil Artist Association Winter Exhibition
St Phillips in the Hills Church
Murphey Gallery

The show runs from December 7, 2008 - January 7, 2009


Grahame Butler said...

Hi Toni, I only wish I was in the area! I'm sure you will have a great Exhibition, just make sure your work gets home safe!!

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thank you Grahame! Trust me, these pieces will NOT see a shipping truck for this show lol... it's local!


I'm thinking of lojack (anti theft tracking device used for autos and computers etc here) the next time I have to ship, what do you think?

rofl.... ;)

Hey did you get your piece reworked? I've been terribly behind this month.

Grahame Butler said...

Hi Tony, just chain them to your wrist, should be safe that way. Yes I reworked the piece taking your advice, posted it on my blog, then reworked it again, which I haven't had time to post, infact I havn't picked up a pencil since, just so busy with work and getting ready for Xmas.

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Ha, your funny... if I chain them to my wrists they'll never go anywhere! Trust me, myu artwork travels more than I do.

I understand your being busy this time of year, same on this side of the pond. Hope work allows you to get some art time in again after the holidays.