Thursday, December 3, 2009

One summer night....

Our summer monsoon season has always been a favorite of mine. It not only brings cooling rain, but also the wonderful billowing clouds that break up our monotonous blue skies we have in early summer.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Uninvited Studio Guest

This Diamondback Rattler decided to come see what I was up to one evening as the sun was setting...

Gila Monster

This Gila Monster had most likely been washed out of it's burrow in the flash flood from the night before, common in our monsoon season.  I saw him early one morning, just as he had crossed the wash, so I grabbed my camera and followed him thru the bushes...

He really just wants me to go away, and as he dove into some denser brush, I had to call it quits.

Thanks for the pictures, until next time....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Summer Sunsets

What a busy summer I've had!
I had a new Grandaughter that entered this world a few weeks early, I traveled to Atlanta, Ga. for a week to attend the International CPSA Convention, we also to Lubbock, Texas for a few days, then I moved my studio and after all that and more .........
my computer broke!

I did manage to continue taking pictures, although I didn't find the time to update this blog.

So, as I catch up, just hang out and enjoy.

Sunsets from home, summer of '09. I love my Arizona. (and my Nikon D-80!)

I'm beginning to see a connection with the sunsets I've seen all my life and my warm pencil palette!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October already?

Where has the year gone?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've got a few computer issues currently. Not fun at all! Being without Photoshop to process my raw tiff images or even my photograph jpgs is really frustrating. Not to mention everything else I used daily.

So, as I'm resolving those, I'm also working on a graphite commission. When I can, I'll share my WIP (work in progress) but until then, I hope everyone is being more productive than I am, and having a wonderful fall season!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Millie's first portrait ~ finished!

I found a couple of hours yesterday to finish this one up. Whoot! There might be a couple of tweaks I might do but for the most part this is finished. I like using a relatively small palette, this piece is no exception. You might think my strokes are gone, but they aren't. I did allow the face to become more saturated in order for those layers to blend together, but I left outer edges a bit rough, especially the finger. Love those little finger and toes. I'm going to have to do more studies ... they are just so tiny and well.. amazing.
The cross hatching is still there, layer by layer, but softer now.
I guess this means I need to finish up my little molly I've been working on now! Also that cowboy on the strawberry roan... hmmmm so much to do, so little time!

Have a great day everyone, and keep those pencils sharp!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Millie's first portrait! WIP

I couldn't help it.. just had to play with those tiny fingers and that cute little baby face. 

This started as a discussion on realistic skin tones. Although this portrait isn't quite finished, it got me to thinking... what is a realistic skin tone?

 Is it something plain and flesh colored?

Ah.. trick question! Everything is effected by the light and color reflected on and around it. The light bounces off one object only to reflect that color onto something else, it's filtered from above, around and below. It has  colors of it's own, is it a warm light or a cool one? All this effects the objects it shines on.  Skin is no different. So, what I see as a realistic skin tone, might not be what you see.

Here is Millie's first portrait, prismacolor on Strathmore Bristol Vellum. Still a WIP (work in progress) I was hoping on finishing it up today, but we'll see.

You might notice that I like my pencil strokes, and I really like to apply my pencil as if I'm painting.
sorry about the yellow tint, this was taken in my kitchen..with yellow walls.
So, is a realistic skin tone different for me than it is for you? I'm sure it is, and that's ok. I love the pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows in this piece. Hmmm wonder how it will look when I'm finished?
Guess we'll have to find out.
Keep Scribbling!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have a new Grandaughter!

Welcome to the family, little one...!

Little Miss Millie waited until I returned home from Atlanta to make her entrance into this world. Such an impatient little one, she arrived 5 1/2 weeks early. However she is home now, doing well and ever so tiny!

I have taken out a little mule foal I had started but put away for awhile. I took it back out and will be finishing it up, but I have been just a weee bit distracted. Soon, I'll get some pics posted. In between new baby snuggles... ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

more ATC's

Here is another ATC I just did this week. He was another model from my photo shoot. Did they have sunglasses back then? I don't know, but I really liked the look. The first image should be actual size. 3.5" x 2.5"

Next is a little doodle that went to Atlanta with me, I hear she's very happy in Arkansas! Same ATC size.
I've been really busy, revamping my outdated website,(from scratch! eek!) a few other projects and a couple experiments. Not to mention big things going on family wise.  I've not had much time at the easel lately it seems. However, these small images keep me sane and don't take up to much time.
I do have several things I need to post here, as soon as I get to them! One is a big repair job.. ack! Stay tuned, to find out "can it be fixed?" (notice I didn't say what? lol)
Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from Atlanta!

What a wonderful trip! 7 days of ART and ARTSY friends. Love my family and non-art friends more than they imagine, but sometimes, well, sometimes you need that connection with others that really know what your saying when you mention burnishing, solvents or favorite supports. You know those people who's eyes don't glaze over when you mention lightfast ratings or what's legal..... (color pencil people.. color pencil!)
Each and every one of the people below are wonderfully talented, amazing artists! I am blessed to even be able to get to know them.
My week of colored pencil art and artists began early last Monday when I flew into Memphis (via a short layover in Houston ..hustle hustle to your next terminal!) to meet up with a good friend and fellow colored pencil artist Beth Macre from Arkansas. From there we drove to Duluth, Ga. where the 17th Annual International Colored Pencil Society of America Exhibition was held. Both Beth and I, filled in for our CPSA Chapter Presidents who could not attend this year. Boy, not only was it enjoyable but a wonderfully enlightening experience.
See.. I was working!
Now, on to the fun stuff!
At every CPSA International Exhibition there is a local host chapter. This year is was the Atlanta Chapter CPSA DC #107. I'd like to send them a huge thank you, it was wonderful! Your hard work is very much appreciated! I would like to add an special thank you for whoever managed to give us such great weather while we were there.. Hotlanta? No.. not at all! Loved it!
There is a Hospitality Suite, where everyone checks in, hangs out and gathers to see whats going on. Also the silent auction pieces are here on display and open for bidding... Awesome works..every one of them.
If anyone cares to see the entire collection of silent auction donations, including my own Sunshine, here ya go....
You *might* find one or two sneaky members walking around with cameras at the ready.... of course you might find your self outed if your one of them! Here I was tattled on by one of my very favorite people, Linda Lucas Hardy, who blew the whistle on me while I was doing the "paparazzi" thing by clicking away while she was visiting with the always lovely Cindy Haase and a very quiet Theresa Mallen whom I think had just arrived, unsuspectingly Surprise! lol.
Hi Ladies, thank you for being such good sports! .. OH YEAH, I just read that trouble always comes in three's???? Funny thing is, every time I see Linda she's one of three! LOL, Hugz to ya Linda!

Here is my roomie Beth Macre and myself at the Members Meeting, where we reviewed all of the images that were submitted (over 600!) .
Of course it's also a chance to mingle and catch up with those other artists you don't see thru out the year, and meet new ones too!
Cathy Henry of the hard working Atlanta, Ga, chapter and yours truly..
Linda Hardy, Texas, who always makes me smile!
Nancy Hoover, N.C, one of those Paparazzi types (who I stole a couple of these images from lol.. ) and Jean Malicoat of Ohio.
I was just getting even with Nancy for this lovely shot she took....
I had only begun to chat with Lynda Schumacher, (on the left) whom I had never had the chance to talk to before that evil flash interrupted us.
Sunshine found a new home too! The silent auction bidding gets going hot and heavy twords the end... lol bidding wars are not exactly unheard of, and I saw several bidders "guarding" their bids! But it's all in great fun, and for a good cause.
Banquet Night and Award Presentations...
Gemma Gylling and Jean Malicoat
Debbie Hook and Jean Malicoat of Ohio
and well.. someone had to do it lol.. sorry Bethie!
(well sorta )
Finally.. the Convention draws to an end, Beth and I have been nicknamed "Thelma and Louise" unjustly of course... no one could define which was which anyway lol.
Beth, I'd take a road trip with you again, as long as we stay away from the Grand Canyon!
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...