Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sayer, portrait on Uart 600

It seems like I've not been working, but I have. Unfortunately my blog has taken a back seat since the Holidays and I really need to get it caught up. To many pieces in the works, I don't usually have more than 2 WIP's going at one time, this is a bit stressful!

Here is one of my current projects. This is the portrait of Sayer I'm working on for a Mentored Portrait project over at ScribbleTalk.

We chose to work on Uart 600 for this first project, one of the 7x11 sheets that come in the sample package from Uneeda Enterprises. (Thanks Tom!) Each sample is a different grit, 400, 500, 600 & 800. Our finished portraits are 6x9, with prismacolor pencils. We will be doing one on each of the sample sheets included. For those of you who don't know what Uart is, it is an artist grade sandpaper, available in different grits, just like you'd sand wood or metal with. Here is the link to the manufacturer where you can request a sample if your interested.

We drew these out by hand, right on the Uart. You'll notice a bit of tweaking as Sayer progresses, from the beginning sketch to where it is now. Tweaking as I go is how I usually work, it appeals to the artist in me. Nothing is ever set in stone! Just because it may or may not be in my reference photo doesn't mean it has to be, or cannot be changed. Artistic license is a wonderful thing!
Below is where Sayer is at today. The tooth on my Uart 600 is getting full, which is what I want. It won't be much longer before this one is complete.


Christine said...

his little boy is so adorable, and extremely well rendered. The cute expression in his face and colors you used all work together to make a wonderful piece of art work. I am intrigued by the paper you are using and have to see if I can get a sample pack to try.

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thanks Christine, that cutie is my Grandson.

I've added a link in my post to the manufacturer, with a brief description. I should have done that to start with.

Deborah Ross said...

This is beautiful and deliciously well done. I've never used Uart, just pastelbord. His eyes are especially gorgeous.

Cindy said...

Fabulous! I must get me some Uart!

Jory said...

This portrait is stunning!! Thank you so much for posting it as a WIP!! I learned a lot from scrolling down the screen, because I kept saying, "This shot must be the final one, only to see you make very subtle changes that kept improving the portrait.

Christine said...

I have enjoyed reading and following your blog! Would you please stop by my blog, I have something listed there for you.

Joanne said...

Beautiful piece! Beautiful little boy! Looks like a lot of time and a lot of love went into the portrait.

Dors said...

Just beautiful Toni. I am blown away , your work is so beautiful.

Oh and thank you so much for your gift. I had not seen the Aussie site before. I joined. Big Hugs.
Thank you for sharing this WIP.

Felicity said...

Toni, thanks for your visit and comment. I remember being totally blown away by this portrait but I don't know why I didn't leave a comment - thought I had! Anyway, this is really amazing work, and a really sweet subject!