Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Also known as Artist Trading Cards, 2.5"x 3.5" . These tiny little original pieces of art are traded and never sold.

I participate in a trade once in awhile, not very often due to time. However I love to get my trades in the mail, and I treasure each and every one of them! I thought I'd share some that I have done, just for fun.

This little cowboy was done from a picture I took at a local ranch.

This one was started from life and finished by membory.

This is my favorite, done from life. Kay I hope you love it as much as I did!

Sunset at my house... photo refrence.

This little bottle, from life. grrr. I did have to work on it more after this scan. lol.

This marble was so fun! Also from life.

This little gold pony was from imagination.


Cindy said...

Love them all, but the bottle is my favorite!!!

The view from your house is awesome.

Meisie said...

Great stuff Toni...That jug is superrific!

Teresa Mallen said...

Wow what an interesting selection of subject matter! I like the pitcher/jug best too. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Shelley Minnis said...

Hello....from Shelley Minnis....I just wanted to let you know that I love your bottle piece in this posting. I also wanted you to know that I show your "rider on the horse" drawing that I bought from the silent auction in Seattle everytime I give a Prismacolor presentation! Everyone loves it. I also need to visit about another possible workshop event in the Tucson area.....email me and lets visit....Great Job!....Shelley.minnis@sanford.com
From the Prismacolor Consumer Specialist

Jenna White said...

Wow, I can't believe the pony was from your imagination! I can't draw from my imagination if my life depended on it. lol. I like them all....especially the pitcher :)