Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heart and Soul of a Woman ~ CPSA Exhibition entry

This is my entry to the International CPSA Exhibition this year. 11"x 14" Prismacolor pencil on Uart 600.

I originally submitted two entries, and afterwards I withdrew one of them. Next year.. I'll be one ahead!


Heather Page said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! I love it!

Meisie said...

This is a beauty Toni! Wishing you all the best for the show!

Grahame Butler said...

Fantastic Toni!!! The pose, the feeling, the hair, all come together to make a beautiful painting, oh yes and very sexy!

Jennie Norris said...

WOW, This is amazing!! Good luck with the show, although I don't think you'll need it.

In case your interested :

The 22nd World Wide SketchCrawl will be this weekend at Reid Park Zoo. To check out when and where everyone is meeting check out the link here:


Teresa Mallen said...

A beautiful piece - wonderful skin tones! I am sure it will be accepted. And goodness, you are thinking ahead to 2010...I'm still in recovery from my fussing over my 2009 entries! :-)

Dors said...

Absolutely amazing. This is beautiful Toni. I am in awe.
Good luck,

Thank you for your comment on Bronti. I messed up and sed a blue my mistake for the whiskers...unforgiving CP.

Jenna White said...

It's gorgeous! I can't compete with that! :)

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thank you Heather!

((Charne)) thank you, I like to forget about it after submitting, after all May 2nd seems like it takes forever!

Grahame.. lol!

Thank you Jennie, I checked out your link, have you gone before? I'll shoot you an email later today.

Thanks Theresa, well not so much thinking ahead to my 2010 submission as a silver lining to pulling my second entry ;). Fussing over it is exactly why I pulled it, I needed to change it... actually I removed the entire face and now i'm happier. :).

((Dors)) thank you. So why is cp unforgiving??? Dang, no one ever told me that! ;)

Thank you Jenna. Compete? Ah Jenna, tis all up to one jury and one judge...and no one can predict anything. Good luck to you and your entry!

RomanticRoses@DorisJoa said...

What a wonderful painting. I love the pose and I also love how you did the hair and I love the warmth in this work.

simoart said...

This is an amazing painting. Beautiful pose, lovely face and feeling. Great work.