Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunshine Day 7 and 8

Life.. well it just has a way of demanding that you participate. As much as I would rather just be able to lock myself away to finish each piece, it's just not going to happen.

Yesterday I finally got back to work on Sunshine.  Finally! Then today I was back at it bright and early. Here is where she is now. I've got my .jpg due July 1, how many days are in this month? lol..

Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow she should be complete! Whoot!

Friday, June 19, 2009

From the deep dark wilds of Texas...

I was watching National Geographic the other night, they had a story about a very rare sighting in Texas, did anyone else see it?

It seem that in the deep dark under growth of the wilds of Texas, amid the cool night breezes, the chirping of crickets and the soft lowing of the longhorn cattle........Something mysterious has been sighted! This creature has been seen rarely in the daylight hours, seems to roam about eating at night, napping frequently but visits the local watering hole weekly according to the footprints. It appears to be mostly nocturnal with an occasional foray into the dawn and dusk hours.
If one is lucky enough to see this creature..... grab your camera, it appears to be very shy at first glance, although one can hear vocalizations all night long if you know what your listening for....

WIP 11x14 prismacolor and neocolor II on pastelbord, about halfway completed.  The reference photo I used is of a friend, taken with a flash indoors and blurry at that. lol. This was drawn freehand off the computer screen. I took a lot of liberties with this one! So much fun. Her setting is completely made up, I had to give her more "meat" on her skinny frame because she was to skinny to get this effect without it. A Texan and artist in her own right, she loves her longhorns.... hence her brindling lol.

Sunshine is fine, but I haven't worked on her since my last update. Next week she'll be completed. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunshine Day 6

Another beautiful day today, and I notice because I'm working plein air for the most part lol.
So, here is Sunshine yet again. This digi is from this morning..
The one below from around lunch time..
and this one this afternoon when I called it a day.
I threw a closeup of just the rocks.. ack Eric.. don't be to tuff on me! Rocks .. geeze you do know a rock or two lol. Now her perch is mostly done, I might tweak it at the end but for the most part it's there. I'm still working  on the foreground bringing it up, the middle ground holding it's own and pushing the background back a bit farther.
Seems I have plenty to keep me out of trouble for at least a day or two. ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunshine, Day 5

It was a beautiful sunny day in Tucson today! Even nicer on my little side of town where the little higher elevation means it's a bit cooler.. :D

So here is Sunshine, as she was this morning after working on her for about an hour.

I've got most of my blocking in, so I'm moving into some of my detail now. Notice how much more shape her tiny feet have than they did this morning?

As I was building her form with my layers.... it dawned on me that I didn't like the rock she was standing on.
I changed it!
The change isn't quite complete but I had to call it a day and pretend to be the camp cook. I'll finish up those changes tomorrow.

This is how she ended the day today. Tomorrow will consist of building & defining my values in my foreground, and if I have time to push the background back a little more.
Until tomorrow.. Keep Scribbling!

Tuesday is Tucson Colored Pencil Artists' Association ....

I belong to the TCPAA, (Tucson Colored Pencil Artists' Association) which is a group of local colored pencil artist that meet every Tuesday to "work". ( Uh huh.. work being the intent, not necessarily the end result lol. ) This is a group that is not connected with the CPSA, although many members belong to both. We do shows and workshops etc...
I admit, I've slacked on my Tuesday attendance. Most of that is due to time, and what projects I'm working on. Of course, I get more accomplished here in my own Studio. However on the Tuesdays I do attend, it is very nice to get to visit and see what everyone else is up to.
Hence, the reason for no update last night! lol. Yesterday I attended our Tuesday meeting.. and I spent more time catching up with friends than I really did drawing. So, I apologize... but today is another day in the Studio, which I'm headed to shortly!
Update coming... but not soon. lol.
Later taters....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunshine Day 4, and more tiny faces

Here are a couple more tiny faces I've done, perhaps it's practice makes perfect? No, I think it's knowing your facial planes and structures that makes these tiny faces believable. It's really not about "detail", it's more about what the viewer reads as detail. Both these ladies are around
9" to 10" tall.
"Lady in White" , Prismacolor on Wallis Pastel paper.
White is never really white, is it?

"Double Trouble", Prismacolor on Wallis Pastel paper. I had so much fun with that paisley print vest... less is more, and it worked so sweetly there. ;)

Here is today's update on Sunshine too....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunshine, Day 3

Saturday was a bust as far as artwork went, what a weekend.. I don't want to repeat it anytime soon! Sunday I did manage a few hours in the studio, so I've got a small update.

This one is a little different temperature wise, because I took this digi in the sunlight.
Darn if I don't have a fun idea in my head I'm dying to get started on... thanks to a friend and fellow CPer and blogger... lol . First things first though.. and this has to get done.
Until tomorrow... keep scribbling!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunshine, Day 2

Today was a short day in the Studio, but I'm sharing because it keeps me accountable! I was thinking that maybe I should have told you that the reason I removed the background from my reference of Sunshine was two fold.
  1. When I took the original picture I had placed her under a large hay barn, in the shade, and she was in front of a building.
  2. Second is the obvious, why print what I'm not going to use?
So here is Sunshine, after working on her for a while this morning. You might notice, I forgot to take a picture before I moved along to far.. whoops!
Jenna, you asked just how small her face was? I looked for a good way to show you, how's this?

And a closeup, after the quarter was taken away.

I've spent most of my day in the studio creating her living space more than working on her. Even though I'm not working on the whole piece at one time, the colors I use in the background effect the colors I apply to her and vice-versa. I'll work the whole image top to bottom, then I'll see what needs tweaked at the end.

Tomorrow that middle ground is calling my name...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello, Sunshine! My CPSA silent auction donation.

I was asked again this year to donate an original colored pencil piece for the silent auction, to be held at the CPSA International Exhibition in Atlanta, Ga.
.jpgs are due in about 3 weeks, so I thought I might want to get going on it, LOL. I couldn't decide on what it was I wanted to do for this piece. I have 3 pieces I could have used, but none of them were quite what I wanted to send. Going back thru my reference photos, this one caught my eye. Hmmm I had been avoiding that dress ... but after my last few limited palette pieces, I want some color!
This is Sunshine, a member of the White Mountain Apaches. She was a model at a photo shoot I attended when I first moved here. Her Mother, Aunt and Grandmother were also there, but I didn't photograph them, only Sunshine. Her mother made her dress, and shoes, entirely by hand. To see the leather-work/beading in person was just amazing.
While I am using a photo reference for this, I am in no way a slave to my photos. They are "references" and I am not a copy machine. I have lost my need to create more "photo realism" in my work, and am finding myself enjoying the freedom and artistic creativity of a more "representational " piece of art.

This is the set up on my easel, as I worked on the background. You'll notice I printed Sunshine out the size I wanted her to be, and I deleted the background before printing. For this setting I'll be using a picture I took in the White Mountains a few years ago. I'll be using my Uart 800, 7x10 or so, and Prismacolor pencils.
When I start with an under painting, I work all of the piece up at the same time. This time I'm using a direct color application, layering my compliments, tints, and shades in between as I build my color.

So here is where she is currently. Tomorrow back to the studio bright and early!
Hello, Sunshine!