Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunshine, Day 2

Today was a short day in the Studio, but I'm sharing because it keeps me accountable! I was thinking that maybe I should have told you that the reason I removed the background from my reference of Sunshine was two fold.
  1. When I took the original picture I had placed her under a large hay barn, in the shade, and she was in front of a building.
  2. Second is the obvious, why print what I'm not going to use?
So here is Sunshine, after working on her for a while this morning. You might notice, I forgot to take a picture before I moved along to far.. whoops!
Jenna, you asked just how small her face was? I looked for a good way to show you, how's this?

And a closeup, after the quarter was taken away.

I've spent most of my day in the studio creating her living space more than working on her. Even though I'm not working on the whole piece at one time, the colors I use in the background effect the colors I apply to her and vice-versa. I'll work the whole image top to bottom, then I'll see what needs tweaked at the end.

Tomorrow that middle ground is calling my name...


Eric said...

Beautiful detail, you are a master of painting the face I think.

It's interesting to me that you start with the complicated part of the subject, I always want to fill in backgroundy stuff first.

Toni James, Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Good evening Eric, hows the bbq coming along? lol. Your to kind. I remember a time when drawing a human face was a daunting prospect.. then one by one they became easier. One day I looked into my portfolio and wondered how the heck did all these people get in there!?

It's the need to convey an emotion for me. A face has to have emotion, even if it's subtle. I get that face started, and on it's way, so if I muddle it up, it's just a face. Backgroundy stuff? That's fluff. lol.

Dors said...

Hi Toni
So beautiful... I love this so much and I love the background.

BTW..I am enjoying Australian Color Pencils forum very much..Thank you.


Jenna White said...

A quarter??? I can't believe you got that much detail in such a small space! That is extremely impressive! :)

Toni James, Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Dors, I'm so glad your enjoying the new place for you Aussies! You guys down yonder needed something that was just for you. :D

Jenna, lol. Thank you. This isn't my first tiny face though. I'll see if I can find you the other two.