Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Millie's first portrait ~ finished!

I found a couple of hours yesterday to finish this one up. Whoot! There might be a couple of tweaks I might do but for the most part this is finished. I like using a relatively small palette, this piece is no exception. You might think my strokes are gone, but they aren't. I did allow the face to become more saturated in order for those layers to blend together, but I left outer edges a bit rough, especially the finger. Love those little finger and toes. I'm going to have to do more studies ... they are just so tiny and well.. amazing.
The cross hatching is still there, layer by layer, but softer now.
I guess this means I need to finish up my little molly I've been working on now! Also that cowboy on the strawberry roan... hmmmm so much to do, so little time!

Have a great day everyone, and keep those pencils sharp!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Millie's first portrait! WIP

I couldn't help it.. just had to play with those tiny fingers and that cute little baby face. 

This started as a discussion on realistic skin tones. Although this portrait isn't quite finished, it got me to thinking... what is a realistic skin tone?

 Is it something plain and flesh colored?

Ah.. trick question! Everything is effected by the light and color reflected on and around it. The light bounces off one object only to reflect that color onto something else, it's filtered from above, around and below. It has  colors of it's own, is it a warm light or a cool one? All this effects the objects it shines on.  Skin is no different. So, what I see as a realistic skin tone, might not be what you see.

Here is Millie's first portrait, prismacolor on Strathmore Bristol Vellum. Still a WIP (work in progress) I was hoping on finishing it up today, but we'll see.

You might notice that I like my pencil strokes, and I really like to apply my pencil as if I'm painting.
sorry about the yellow tint, this was taken in my kitchen..with yellow walls.
So, is a realistic skin tone different for me than it is for you? I'm sure it is, and that's ok. I love the pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows in this piece. Hmmm wonder how it will look when I'm finished?
Guess we'll have to find out.
Keep Scribbling!