Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Millie's first portrait ~ finished!

I found a couple of hours yesterday to finish this one up. Whoot! There might be a couple of tweaks I might do but for the most part this is finished. I like using a relatively small palette, this piece is no exception. You might think my strokes are gone, but they aren't. I did allow the face to become more saturated in order for those layers to blend together, but I left outer edges a bit rough, especially the finger. Love those little finger and toes. I'm going to have to do more studies ... they are just so tiny and well.. amazing.
The cross hatching is still there, layer by layer, but softer now.
I guess this means I need to finish up my little molly I've been working on now! Also that cowboy on the strawberry roan... hmmmm so much to do, so little time!

Have a great day everyone, and keep those pencils sharp!


Meisie said...

Stunning Toni! I love seeing the pencl strokes!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Absolutely stunning!!! Thanks for showing us the close ups!

Jennie Norris said...

beautiful! You are so talented, and have such a lovely style. I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of this little angel!

Dors said...

This is amazing and so beautiful.
Superb Work as always. an great addition to you collection of Masterpieces.

Leann said...

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Toni James, Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Thank you guys! I'm fighting computer issues, so I'm kinda awol, however I am working. Hopefully I'll catch up before long!

(not to mention baby snuggle time distractions :) )