Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Studio Space

I have been to Lubbock, Texas and back! Moved our daughter and her husband back home. Because my studio occupied a detached apartment, I surrendered my space to them *sniff. That's quite ok though because I still have plenty more space...

Which I was going to show you... but it seems that I can't post any images at the moment, I keep getting an error notice. So as soon as I get time to get that taken care of and figured out, I'll be back! Until then.. you'll just have my ramblings.

How exciting is that?

lol ... don't answer that.
EDIT: Hmmmm seems I can upload if I go the Edit route.. what a pain! Well enjoy the picture. This may well be the refrence photo for my CPSA Silent Auction donation this year... lol.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

She needs a official title of her own.....

I've been using a working title for this piece that came more from the inspiration behind these two figurative pieces than anything. The small one is " Heart and Soul of a Woman" and will always remain so. However now that this second piece is close to complete I'm finding I can't quite put my finger on what it is I want her "official" title to convey.

It would be really simple to just go with a "fluff" title, but I just can't. There is just to much of me in her. (so to speak *rolls eyes*) I have a couple titles I'm tossing around but .. nothing has stuck quite yet.

This is actually the piece I withdrew from the CPSA exhibition submission, after submitting it. I have tweaked it some now, and I'm much happier with it.

15"x 30" on Uart 500, prismacolor pencils.
Although.. she's still nameless!

A big congratulations to all those Colored Pencil artists who's name appears on this years list of a accepted artists/entries into the CPSA International Exhibition. Mine was not on the list this year, and that's OK with me. That's just the way it goes.

Off to bigger an better things!