Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Tank... my partner in adventure!

Most of the time I am alone when I venture out to shoot some photos, so we thought I could use a partner, one that has better ears and eyes than I do! This is Tank, he is a Queensland Heeler. What a goofball he is.
He's about 3months old currently.

Ha.. I thought that doofy ear would never stand up, but it has since I took this photo. Yay.  
 Don't be surprised if you see more images of him as we go along, he has been known to walk in front of my camera at the most inconvenient times lol.
It didn't take him to long to figure out that just because I was laying in the mud composing a capture that it was time to snuggle... or stick his head in the end of my lens shield lol.

This one is kind of self explanatory? lol... goofy pup.

Huh... you talkin' to me??? You want me where????

I'm beginning to think he likes it in front of the camera lol... now if he would only smile. 

I'm not sure what caught his attention one evening as were were out about dusk... but something did.
This is why he comes along.
He didn't go far, a few yards maybe, after all he is still a baby.

Until next time...


Diana said...

What a cutie! Do keep him away from the coyotes, OK?

Toni James, Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Yes Ma'm!!! He stays inside with us.

sue said...

He's gorgeous - Love those eyes
He does have a serious expression doesn't he?