Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mexico & Prismacolor and Discontinued Panasonic Sharpeners

I needed a couple white Prismacolor pencils, so I stopped into *shudders* Michael's of all places...grabbed 5 pencils and waited 20 min in line to pay for them.  When I went to sharpen one I noticed my new Prismacolor pencil was stamped "Mexico".  WHAT???

So of course, I had to shoot my favorite Prismacolor Rep, Shelly Minnis an email, which she did, indeed, confirm that Prismacolor has moved it's manufacturing to Mexico.  UHG....  She'll be in Tucson this month, and I'll be talking to her about it again. I understand big business and the bottom line but.. in today's economy.. just UHG.

While I'm on the subject of product changes... Linda Hardy mention a couple weeks ago that Panasonic was no longer making their sharpeners. I confirmed this with an annoying phone call to Panasonic this morning. Not just our preferred KP-310, or the KP-4A, but ALLLLLLLL their pencil sharpeners!  So, the only ones left are the ones out there in the market now.. if Linda didn't buy them all up yet.

So enough good news from me for today.. maybe next time I'll actually post a new WIP! :D


Beth said...

Well thanks for the good news! haha...

Mexico? Really?

And no more panasonics? Why didn't they consult their customers?

And we still haven't had a Prismacolor rep make it to our cpsa meeting yet! Pretty upset over that.

Eric said...

Well at least it's still on the North American continent? More and more mosaic artists are starting to use Mexican (Perdomo) smalti glass.

Just another sign that pretty soon everything made will roll out of one huge warehouse in China, I think.

Brandy said...

thanks for reminding me... grrrr I'm not very amused by the news of either...but the sharpeners is what really gets me!

Antoinette said...

Hiya Toni, I have just come across your blog as I have recently bought the whole set of Prismas 132...get this...when I opened the tin, the colours were all mixed up (I was expecting a beautiful array of colours all grouped together, all the yellows together , the blues, the greens etc,etc) but they were all jumbled up...get this...some pencils had 'Prismacolour Premier' and 'Mexico', the others had 'Prismacolor' and 'USA'. Do they using mix up the pencils up like this??? Being new to Prisma, I don't know but I do smell a rat...are these 'seconds' I have bought?? I hope you can advise me. Thank you very much, hugs Antoinette xxx