Saturday, April 24, 2010

RIP Little Wren 2008-2010

It's with heavy heart and hands that I feel I must inform you all of the demise of my little cactus wren. The little wren resided safely for years in a little plastic sleeve nestled safely away in a binder, waiting for the day she could have her final tweaks done and the lovely sunshine brightened on her soft feathers. Always quiet as a mouse and never ever complained, a lovely companion she could have been. But the other day in my insane quest to work, I pulled the innocent little wren back out into the light of day... and therefore right into the hands of the slayer.

The poor little innocent never had a chance.... you see, it was the background that was unacceptable, the little wren herself was just happily perched in her little spot of sunrise. She would have stayed there forever had she had the chance. But no.. the ugliness came and took it all away! The ugliness that was my scrambled brain, not concentrating or thinking correctly. The hands were unsure and out of practice, they should never had been allowed to hold a loaded pencil on something that was almost complete! Forlorn and distraught, she could not fly away but had to sit and suffer the wrath of ugliness that moved all around her. Go away, go away she tried to chirp! Alas.. it was to late, and she died a long slow lingering painful death.

So Rest in Peace my brave little Cactus Wren.. may your image find it's way out of my pencils on some brighter sunny day, and may you again spread your feathers to gather the warmth of a cold winter sunrise.

With my deepest apologies, please forgive me.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Boys of Summer

I know some of you out there have worked your fingers to the bone finishing up your CPSA entries by the deadline. I know I have been in that same position a time or two myself.  Which made me think of this piece. This was the piece I worked my fanny off to complete, and completed it by the hair of my chinny chin chin too.

This piece was not accepted, because my second piece, "Chaps & Chevy's" was accepted instead. So, being as I haven't shared this one here, I thought it would be a fitting time....

This is 12"x24" on Uart 500 or 600 lol...