Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I spend our 4th of July Holiday weekend camping with the family in Greer, Arizona. ( BRRRRRRR) I didn't do any art, but I did manage to snag a few photos (around 300 is a few, right?).  Thought I'd share a few here, just because I'm thrilled I captured them,(and I don't have any pencil work to share yet)  lol.. not perfect but it was my first time!

These were taken at Sunrise Lake, Greer Arizona, also known as Sunrise Ski Resort.. for you skiers out there... even in July it was cold and windy! Did I say Brrrrrrr???  Enjoy.

  I thought this one below was blurry because of my shivering, but then I noticed the cars weren't blurry, it was just the wind!

I'm currently working on opening up an Etsy Store, then onto something new! Stay tuned...