Saturday, August 7, 2010

Open Range WIP

I started this piece back in 2008! I put it aside to work on other pieces.. and because I'm tying up loose ends.. it's time to tie this one up too.

This is from one of the pictures I took at the Artist photo shoot I attended here at the Empire Ranch. ( they filmed John Wayne's "The Cowboys" there among several others) There were 40 invited artists, models, stock etc, from dawn to dusk, one LONG day of photography. The photographers paid for the event, the models volunteered and the artist tipped them per picture... about 1.00 per min. The money earned (not the tips) were donated to the Foundation for the restoration of the Ranch, which is still working.

I never liked "where he lived" especially after these same models started turning up all over, from artists taking pictures at the open houses the ranch now holds on a regular basis. So.. I needed to decide what to do with it. I would never be happy just using the arena he was actually in, because I wanted something different. So, I took him out of the arena, put him out in the open range. There is no resource photo to follow now.. lol I'm on my artistic own two feet and it's GREAT!

12x16 on Uart 600, Prismacolor Pencils..


Because I removed him from the arena, that tree to the right bothers me now... it's gotta go.'s gone. Now.. to fix where it was. lol.

So this is where I am... I'm working heavy on my workshop things, but when I need a break I'll be back to this one... stay tuned!

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Brandy said...

MUCH better now imho :D Glad you chopped down the cherry tree - less is more ;)