Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Ohio workshop is soon approaching!

Time seems to be flying by faster than I seem to be going. I'm still busy working on my "Capturing the Human Spirit - Children" workshop, so I haven't taken time to write on my blog, bad me.  The piece I was working on "Open Range" is now sitting aside, waiting on final adjustments. I'll wait until those final tweaks are done, to take the final digi to share. It might be awhile, yet though.

In the mean time, Here is a little 4x3 demo I just finished for my workshop.  Prismacolors on Uart. This was pretty fun. As for me, ... chop chop time to get back to work!

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you.... be safe.

Keep Scribbling!



Brenda said...

I am loving the hard and soft edges, the texture (that drool! LOL!!) and this sweet baby mouth.

Wish I were closer to Ohio!

Barbara Goodsitt said...

This is wonderfully executed. Thanks for sharing it.