Monday, March 29, 2010

18th Annual CPSA International Exhibition

My entries for this year have been finished for awhile, but I put off submitting them, crazy eh?  Today I finally submitted my entries, WHOOT! Glad that's out of the way, now nothing left but the waiting...

Good luck to those of you who have also entered, and to those of you still pushing that deadline. You can do it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mexico & Prismacolor and Discontinued Panasonic Sharpeners

I needed a couple white Prismacolor pencils, so I stopped into *shudders* Michael's of all places...grabbed 5 pencils and waited 20 min in line to pay for them.  When I went to sharpen one I noticed my new Prismacolor pencil was stamped "Mexico".  WHAT???

So of course, I had to shoot my favorite Prismacolor Rep, Shelly Minnis an email, which she did, indeed, confirm that Prismacolor has moved it's manufacturing to Mexico.  UHG....  She'll be in Tucson this month, and I'll be talking to her about it again. I understand big business and the bottom line but.. in today's economy.. just UHG.

While I'm on the subject of product changes... Linda Hardy mention a couple weeks ago that Panasonic was no longer making their sharpeners. I confirmed this with an annoying phone call to Panasonic this morning. Not just our preferred KP-310, or the KP-4A, but ALLLLLLLL their pencil sharpeners!  So, the only ones left are the ones out there in the market now.. if Linda didn't buy them all up yet.

So enough good news from me for today.. maybe next time I'll actually post a new WIP! :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Splish Splash... lights out!

Last Monday was a typical Monday, a storm blew in, it rained, got cold but no big deal... until about 8pm.

Then POOF.. out the lights went! Now, this happens frequently, when the wind blows. Usually a couple hours and the power company has the power back on. ...  But not last Monday.
The power was out just about 13 hours. 13 long hours!

So out of  boredom someone decided to do homework that wasn't even due.. by candlelight no less.
So, I grabbed my camera and decided it was as good a time as any to play with my white balance settings ( I ususally leave it on auto) But.. something I need to learn to use.

Candle light... I love my Nikon because it never fails me in low light ... unless I've goobered up the settings.
This is a candle behind a cold pitcher of water that condensation on the outside.  (There are actually 3 candles and an oil lamp..which you can see on the right side. )

This is what I get when I set my white balance settings to the farthest cool side I can go.. and your husband flings a rock in the window with the weed eater. Dual pane windows.. yay!
Suns up... what can I do next.... Hmmmmm these are stricktly my learning images lol.. there are many more that were deleted. However these aren't quite what I had in mind, so I'll be doing them over again.

Yes, this experiment was fun.. i'm eager to try it again!