Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Brings Changes

For awhile now I've been lagging on keeping up both of my blogs, this one along with my photography blog. I find that when I'm on a photography kick, the artwork blog lagged and vice-versa. So, it's finally time to merge them together in hopes that one will be easier for me to maintain without letting things get stale around here.

All these changes have prompted me to do a little housekeeping, I have a good start, a few more to come. Fun, fun, fun? Not, but necessary.

I have a few colored pencil pieces in progress, which I'll share another time. Earlier this week I finally got to paint my first plein air! Not so exciting except it was in oils and was very fun. It's nothing fancy and still needs a few tweaks done to it, but here ya go..

Oh, and just ignore the dark blue blob at the bottom .. the wind blew my little canvas panel into my palette before I had it completely anchored, lol. Live and learn!

5"x7".. enjoy!

Things might be a little varied around here this year, but I hope you enjoy the changes!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time or the soft sounds of your memories."


Cheryl said...

I thrive on varied.

Meisie said...

Toni this is beautiful!!!

Toni James ~ Desert Winds Studio said...

Thank you both! It's not quite where I see it should have turned out in my head, but one has to start somewhere, yes? :D

Lynda Schumacher said...

OIL painting!.....Toni, you are officially one of my heros. Do you remember my oil painting disaster from my blog? ACK! hahahaha