Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Along the Cienega Corridor, Day 1

Last week when my hubby asked if I'd like to go on a hike with my camera (aka look for a lost arrow lol) I said sure! It turned out to be a beautiful day, got some great pictures to share with you! The colors were beautiful, the air was cool the sun was warm, the company was sweet.

This was a quick snap... almost had a human figure in it lol. Love the old rusty gate and those colors. I didn't notice the barb wire on the horizon line until I got home. Maybe I'll have to re shoot this one?

Breathtaking views!

We decided we needed a little rest, actually *I* needed a little rest lol. I don't get out as much as I used to...

Whoops... I see I forgot to fix the dust spots on my image..sorry. Yes, it's time to clean my sensor!

With the arrow found, it was walk the top of the ridges back to the Jeep, or, head down and walk the road down by the creek area. I thought I'd already taken pictures on top, lets head downhill.


Now this was fun to walk in... not. under all those old vines are all kinds of stuff.

Then out of the weird landscape we were in, right into these grasses. TALL grass! Did I ever mention I'm short? Tall grass..tall, thick clumpy grass. Hiding stuff under it. Was I ever glad to get out of there.

Out of the grass, down the dirt road.... look what we see, awwwwwww it's adorable! It's a little Cous Whitetail, one of this years fawn crops. It's frozen... and so are we. I'm sure Mom isn't far.

Then just when we thought it would throw up that white flag and bound out of there....

It headed straight for us! All the time my shutter is going "click click click click...." 

Then, the breeze swirled around, the flag came up and it was gone. So cute!

 Back to the Jeep, we head down the dirt road spotting this pretty little lady out in a field,
I got out, snuck down to a fence post and started shooting...

After a few nice shots, something caught my eye to her left. She wasn't alone, but the buck that was coming fast thru the trees scared her off. She ran away, across the open meadow behind her.
It was then I got a shot of this guy, tailing this doe who was obviously the object of his affection on that particular day. Head down, he was following her, not giving us much mind.

About that time a second suitor emerged from the thickets..... he's also trailing her. We watched them as they trailed the same doe, both exhausted, tongues hanging out, breathing heavy. When they see each other it doesn't take long for the second one to run off the smaller first buck, but he doesn't go far.
Then off he runs to find his lady love.

We had such a good day enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, we decided to do it again the next day! Wow, the pictures I managed to capture on that day.. for another post soon!

Enjoy, Tj

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time or the soft sounds of your memories."


Beth said...

Beautiful pictures Tj! Thanks for sharing and the story along with it! lol

Toni James ~ Desert Winds Studio said...

Thanks Beth! lol

Eric said...

My goodness, these drawings look so realistic, and you have become so prolific! Amazing! ;)

Seriously, nice photography

Toni James ~ Desert Winds Studio said...

Hahahahahaha Eric. If only I were that prolific with my artwork! Thank you.