Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Along the Cienega Corridor, Day 2

This is the continuation from our recent excursion I shared with you here..

I promised more to come, and here it is! Actually Day 1 was so enjoyable, hubby talked me into a repeat the next morning. No lost arrow to look for this time around, just out to have a fun!

The morning was just as beautiful the second day as the first, as we set out on our adventure the sun was low on the horizon but climbing rapidly. The air was clear, the sky was clear and a spectacular blue, not a soul around but us.... and that helicopter? The helicopter that seriously buzzed us.. the BORDER PATROL helicopter no less! LOL! Not once did they circle us, but several times, and twice that same day. Thank you officers, I appreciate the work you do to keep us safe! You may buzz us anytime. Did I happen to mention that we were about 40 miles north of the Mexico border?

 Anyway.. back to our adventure! So after the helicopter left, we were driving to an area where we were going to take a hike, along Cienega Creek. That's when I spotted this little fellow....


He quickly disappeared into the thick brush behind him, but not until he had one last glance...

Then, as soon as he was gone, I spotted these two out in the meadow. I think she's saying "shhhhhh hold real still and don't look at them, they won't see us" .. or maybe it was " on the count of 3, you run that way and I'll run this way .. it's very easy to confuse them!"

 Then another.... she wanted to bolt, but instead decided to stomp her foot at us so we'd leave. When that didn't work
she must have had a change of heart, and ended up posing very pretty for me.

There's something about old fence posts and rusty metal... must be a texture thing? I seem to have several images of old fence posts!

It seemed that everywhere we looked there
 were deer! For some silly reason,
they always seemed so surprised to see us.

 Finally... Cienega Creek.  You guys ready to hike? Need a little time to get your hiking boots, water and a snack packed? That's ok, we'll wait, but don't take to long.

The weather is getting warm and there is no way I'm going down that canyon after the snakes come out!

To be continued.....

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