Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

I know, I know... many of you are enduring much colder temps than this little desert rat is this week, but 7 very dry, clear, windy degrees this morning isn't what I'm used to!

In all the time we've lived here our waterlines have never frozen over. First yesterday, again today. Hoping they thaw out this afternoon, but we not expecting to get above 32 degrees today, we'll be lucky if they thaw out at all! 

This morning it's a balmy 50 degrees in my studio. Today I'm happy that my easel lamps are warm! (not so happy about that in August though lol)

My hats off to you out there, I don't know how you do it!  Stay warm & safe & creative!


"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time or the soft sounds of your memories."


Eric said...

I'm a bit slow about such things, but it's occurred to me that even ice and snow in Texas has tone and color.

Toni James ~ Desert Winds Studio said...

lol..Yes indeedy it does! Of course that's subjective to the weather, light, and time of day lol.

Gary Keimig said...

-15 here this morning Toni. but we are built for it. Nothing worse than broken pipes and freezing issues.
That grand baby is a doll. And I really like how your 5x7 saddle came out. Great job

Toni James ~ Desert Winds Studio said...

Yeah.. that morning they figured we were -0 too with the wind chill! The news reported the last time we had these freezing temps Truman was in office and Benson had the same population as Tucson lol. Things have changed!

Thanks Gary.. Grandbabies are wonderful, well all babies are wonderful, not just grandbabies.

Glad the saddle passes snuff! I'm just thrilled it's finished lol.