Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye and this Artists Soul

We said good-bye to my Brother in the spring. His passing hit me harder in several different ways than I expected it to.  I came from a family of 7 brothers and sisters.  Bill was the first of us siblings to pass from this world, and his passing has made me feel vulnerable. Something that took me awhile to realize and is just as hard to admit. 

Then, while we were on our way to Vegas for a Wedding Celebration we learned of the passing of a beautiful Niece, who's time to pass from this world came way to early. She had turned 23 just the day before. A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile, Sweetie, you will be missed by many. 

We also said Good-bye to my Husbands Favorite Aunt. I was lucky enough to be asked to portray Uncle Bill and Aunt Nelly a few years ago. Uncle Bill had already passed, and now she has joined him.

This summer has certainly taken a toll on my artistic drive, please forgive me for falling behind. I am working on catching up!   But enough melancholy, time to move on.... stay tuned!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Concho's and Belt Buckles...

Over the summer.. (did I happen to mention it was a crazy summer?) I was asked by Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch to sculpt a mule head for him. The design would be cast into conchos for his Signature Series Saddles and Belt Buckles.  Here is the finished head, sculpted in Sculpey, cured then shipped to Advanced Castings in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  When it arrived it was digitally scanned and prepped to cast into the final items. I'm so excited! I've seen the digital scans (so cool) and the first test cast. I can't wait to see the conchos on one of Steve's Signature Saddles, and a buckle in real life!

I know these images are flipped .. but they really are the same one.

I really enjoyed working with the Sculpey, can't wait to do it again!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."