Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"August in Autumn"

As the CPSA Convention week starts, I am very sad that I am not there. Oh well, there is next year! If I am lucky enough to get accepted in 2013 I will earn my 5 year pin, something to strive for! I  have been busy with my Photography and Family as of late, but I am getting ready to start my next big colored pencil piece, which I will share at a later date. 

Oh, the suspense... 

Today I want to share "August in Autumn" with you. When I traveled to Ohio to teach a portrait workshop a couple years ago. I spent some time with Gene and Debbie Hook, where I met there 4 legged family member, August. August was approaching her Autumn of life, but the love she has Gene and Debbie just radiated so beautifully in her eyes. That is what I wanted to capture in this portrait.. that big ol' Lab heart full of love. 

5x7 Uart 600 Prismacolor Softcore Pencils

My initial layout, included Debbie's rocker...  
I didn't like the way the rocker felt, at a small 5x7 it seemed to take up more than 
it's share of space, so.....
I simply removed it, gotta love Uart!  
 I  also wanted the bright October sun to really shine, and darkening the background helped with this. Without dark, you can't have light. 

 Here is where August is today, still awaiting her final tweaks. I will share the final with you soon!  

Have fun at the Convention everyone!!!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."

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