Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Vintage Allure ~ WIP"

Someone recently asked me, "How long does it take to complete a piece like this?"
My answer  "As long as it takes... "

Which for me is true, I don't count the hours. Each piece is done when it says it's done. I use Uart, which holds a ton of layers and I don't quit until those layers fill the tooth and my finishes are smooth.  But just for the fun of it, I thought I would share the dates my camera captured for me, as I shot my WIP imags.  I didn't work on this every day, as life has been crazy for me ..  

Vintage Allure finished... or mostly finished ;)
Vintage Allure, 17.5"x 24.5"
Colored Pencil on Uart 600

This piece is the second of my "Vintage" pieces. The first was "Vintage Beauty", which you can see here:
the same model, the same fur... with the exception of a couple of things. First is the size, this one is a weee bit larger than it's predecessor, and I gave myself lots of artistic license with this one.

Vintage Allure had a rocky beginning, I restarted it 3 times. The first time was on 800 grit Uart.. ewwww. So I set that aside and grabbed a sheet of 600, only to find out when my under painting was finished and I was starting to add my second layer that I had a bad sheet of Uart! 
December 1, 2012 I restarted Vintage Allure for the final time. 
My work, while planned out, has a tendency to morph, artistically. 
You may notice a few changes along the way. 

I decided I didn't like the background I had in mind, 
I got rid of it. Mostly. 
I left the ghost of the original background there, yes, yes I did. I added some different designs, with a painterly texture being the look I wanted.

Then, after  a couple weeks, .. I thought she needed something, more. 

Sorry.. color is off on this one! 
Building up final skin tones...
Calling this one 99% done.. she has to sit for a few days before I decide if that 1% is good to go..


Here she is, she's taken 8 months to come to life, but that's ok, I think she's worth it. 


Gemma Gylling said...

Absolutely Excellent... worth waiting for!!!!!! Love the title!

Sue Clinker said...

I'm on holiday, viewing on a small screen but can still see that this is absolutely stunning work.

Look forward to viewing it properly when back home. thanks for sharing

Toni James said...

LOL Gemma, I'm so sorry.. I forgot to mention you came up with the title for me.. yes, it's still an awesome title, lol. Thank you M'dear!!

Thank you Sue, how nice of you to say. :D I appreciate it!

Cheryl said...

Love all of your work, Toni, including your photography. Thank you for being so honest and helpful.