Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wild Horses of the Heber Wild Horse Territory...

Early this spring I was introduced the the wild horses of the Heber Wild Horse Territory in Northern Arizona. Since I've been spending a lot of time in the area since then, camera in hand, I thought it would be nice to share some images with you. First though, I will share a link to the history of these beautiful animals..


Their territory which is aprox 20,000 acre, covers much of the same territory the Rodeo-Chediski fire did a few years ago. The forest has come back to life with vegetation and wildlife of all kinds, a true sight to behold.

This first set was captured back in March of 2013, some were shaggier than others but the babies were hitting the ground and how cute are they?

 The young stallion above had the mare and foal below with him..
 The old stallion below only had a mare or two also. 

 The mare and foal above were being herded by the young stallion below,

... the little guy shows a lot of attitude..
 ..the 3 above were being dogged by this stallion!
 The herd below is all one band...

This stallion is a bright sorrel, the only one out there I've seen. Most are palominos, buckskins or blacks. I've more to share soon, until then I hope you enjoyed seeing these horses as much as I did!!



Sue Clinker said...

Lovely photos - they seem quite tame?
It must have been a wonderful experience to photograph them in their natural environment

Toni James said...

They aren't tame Sue, but I do love to go find them, it's like hide and seek. lol. When I shot these I was using my telephoto lens and sitting in a Polaris Ranger with an enclosed cab. When you step out, they will run away, they have threatened to charge if to close. The close-ups of the young palominos were indeed close..they approached us, getting to close for my lens even. The youngsters were curious because they couldn't see or smell us, they are also used to vehicle traffic in the area. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed them. I have more to come!

Beth said...

Love, Love, Love your photos and these are no exception. But you know that! I'm always envious of your locations. Not much to photograph around here, unless its the mole that is tearing up my lawn.

Lynn Kelley said...

Gorgeous horses....you are so lucky to have gotten to photograph them....thank you for sharing them.