Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wild Horses of the Heber Wild Horse Territory II..

I'm finally getting around to editing more of the wild horse pictures that were taken last May, lol.  

The first two pictures below belong to one little group, they were just relaxing in the spring-time sun.

 Below is a little band we found late in the morning. This grouip consisted of 2 stallions, one mare and one foal... It was breeding season and I'm pretty sure there was some scuffling about who's mare it was.

Oh, this band below.. my favorites. I've only gotten to see them once, by walking out into the meadow where they were. (although my hubby has seen them on a couple different occasions.) Even walking out there, my Nikkor 70-300 lens was maxed out. With breeding season and foaling season underway, we weren't going to chance getting to close, on foot.  I thought "that''s ok, we'll find them again over the summer" Ha. Little did I know they would disappear into thin air. 


 This bay mare never moved from this spot, she had a new foal laying in the brush.

I hope you enjoy seeing the wild horses, I know I did. However I didn't see another herd until August! I will share those with you soon.

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