Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fast & Loose & Untitled... *sigh*

Pastelbord, not my favorite support, but when I found a couple of pieces packed away in a box the other day I figured I might as well put them to use, right?  My thoughts were perhaps I would change my mind.. maybe? Why not give it another chance.. I mean they were already here.

A few years back I had asked my daughter to pose for me, but I never did anything with the images. This 6"x 18" Pastelbord (it was a greyish green color) would be a nice format for what I had wanted to try with those pictures ... so, off I went. 

My resource photo I used for the pose only, this was not to be a portrait, but a figurative work.  While my model was wearing a dress, it didn't look like this dress. Using artistic license, the intent was to change the model and dress quite a bit, creating something fun, and quick, soft, yet moody, mystical, dreamy and maybe even a little romantic. So the figure had a resource image for the pose, the rest is out of my head.

I started by drawing my figure right onto the Pastelbord, then blocking in her dress and body using my colored pencils. I then applied several layers of my background color dry,  then used OMS to manipulate the color, added more color and smooched, pulled , brushed and repeated until I had the desired texture and look I was after. Then before the blues were set and dry, I pulled some of the background color into her dress and the shadows on her skin. Then is was time to let it sit and dry. 

Next it was fun time..more layers on the figure, I blended the dress with a brush and OMS but not her skin. Edges edges....I know what I wanted but wasn't quite there yet. Refining layers, shapes and values as I go.

Funny thing.. I dislike indigo blue, how come I've used so much of it as of late? lol. 

She's complete below, although I did rework the highlight on her cheek and temple since I took these images. It was fun for sure. I am past the point where I need something to "look like a photo", I would rather have something more artistic and creative. 

I think this piece pretty much does that. 

The big question, would I use Pastelbord again? Jury is still out.. I have one more piece left to play with... However it will never give me what I get from my Uart. Uart would be perfect if it were mounted on a solid surface like Pastelbord is, not the paper board they have now. 

Enjoy... and keep scribbling!!!!


"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."


Connie Grippin said...

I enjoyed reading your thought process...beautiful piece..

Toni James said...

Awwww thanks Connie! It used to be easy to ramble on my blog, it's taking me awhile to get back into it again. I'm working on it!!