Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter & Fuzzy Wild Horses

After Thanksgiving we decided we needed a little get away, so off we went, camera in hand. We had no agenda this trip, just goofing around. 

We took a little drive one afternoon, to see if the wild horses were around. We only found this one little bunch, the two mares (there were only 4 horses) were heavy with foal and quite content to just stand there looking at me. The other two were back in the trees and not very photogenic. 

 Even though it's the last day of November, they don't look very fuzzy. 
 Beautiful, sunny and clear.. it was going to be a great weekend for photos!! 
 Then, on Saturday... we awoke to a heavy fog. A cold, heavy, dense wet fog.  It'll lift of course, right? WRONG.. so wrong. It stayed all day and well into the evening...sheeze. 

Sunday morning the fog was still hanging around, but lifting it seemed. So we loaded up our gear and off we went. The fog wasn't gone but patchy, and now it was overcast. Oh well, we shall enjoy our outing anyway. 

Right off the bat we ran into this herd. This is the same herd I searched for all summer! We had a close encounter with them back in March of this year. The beautiful buckskin mare was ready to foal and I wanted to see her new baby so badly. Sadly for me, they disappeared. Looked high and low all summer, never saw them again. (Here is a link to the images from that first encounter, http://www.tonijames.blogspot.com/2013/09/wild-horses-of-heber-wild-horse.html  )
 Until Sunday morning... 
 With age comes maturity, the mare above has lost all of the youthful appearance she had back in March. She was one of the ones that approached us that day. I figure she's most likely in foal this time around, hope to find out in the spring! 
 Ah... here is the brat with all the close-ups, He is definitely fuzzier! He looks like he's doing well too. The sorrel herd stallion is just beyond him. 
 Ah... now that mare I looked for all summer, here she is, palomino foal by her side. Guess that mystery is solved. lol. She is the only buckskin in this herd. The stallion is sorrel. Can a buckskin and sorrel produce a palomino, or was she stolen from another herd? lol... such are life's dilemmas. 
 LOL.. then there is this poor guy. He was lingering on the outskirts, only to have the stallion in charge run him off a few yards. Funny, this is the one horse I saw several times over the summer, always following another stallion and mares. Poor guy can't seem to get a mare of his own. He  is bearing some new battle scars, I know he'll earn more as breeding season approaches. 
 This cute little mare and the buckskin stallion below were together. Even this guy has his own mare lol. 
 So far the fog had stayed above us, but the temperature started dropping...
OOOoooooOOOooo  LOVE IT!! 

 BRRRRR lol.

 Then, as we were calling it a day, (time to head home, booooooo) we came across the same 4 horses we saw on Friday. This time, I did get to photograph all 4 of them. Check out the face on this black one, I should call this one 7 lol. This is the first time I've seen this youngster, I would have remembered that face. 
 While this baby mare was quite docile on Friday, she was rather grumpy on Sunday.. "back off" is what she's telling us. 
 The Stallion.. no identifying marks, so I can't say if I've seen him before for sure. 
 Then as we were leaving, the black youngster turn around.... what kind of tail is this? lol...Hmmm I definitely want to see his/her summer coat!

So we headed down off the mountain to the desert below, where the temps are warmer but boring. So, so soooooo boring. 

Until next time, stay creative!!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."

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