Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"A Quiet Conversation" ~ Colored Pencil, WIP the Beginning

A dozen years or so ago my husband brought home a mule. Oh.. that mule! His name should have given him a clue, it was Dudly. Dudly was a dud. The only thing he did well was eat. About a month later, my husband saw a truck on the freeway, which had a Queen Valley Mule Ranch logo on the door, a local mule man...fantastic! He called the number on the truck, made and appointment and in a couple days, we were off to visit with Steve and Susan at  QVMR.

The first moment I met this mule man, I had this overwhelming need to draw his portrait. Sure, I had always drawn horses, cowboys and stuff but this was different. There was something about him that inspired me, more than just a face, or features.. something deeper that I needed to capture on paper.. but what? We left that day with not only great mule advice for my hubby but an intense desire to create a portrait for me!

Time moves on, and we now consider Steve and his wife Susan friends. It had taken me a while to actually gather the courage to ask Steve if I could take pictures of him for my artwork. I finally attended one of his clinics, just to take those all important resource images. However, for whatever reason, I never started creating anything from them. Until 2012 when I played with his portrait, trying to get back into work mode but I wasn't able to finish it until late last year, here:

Fast forward to 2014, my studio lights are finally back on, Uart is ready, pencils are sharp, the music is playing & Steve has finally made it to my easel. After years of waiting, now, now is the right time....

"A Quiet Conversation"
16" x 20" Colored Pencil on Uart 600 Pastel Paper

 After finishing my transfer, I began laying my under painting in on New Years Eve..
 and worked right on into New Years, the BEST way to start my new year this year!! 

I'm coming to the end of the under painting, just a few more hours and on to the next phase!!! But first... I have a couple little paintings to do! 

Keep Scribbling!

"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."


Sue Clinker said...

Well ..... this is so worth the wait.

Look forward to seeing the final stages - this really leaps out of the paper - so much personality

Toni James said...

Thank you Sue!