Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ann.. I do love my UART!!

It's not a secret... I tell everyone who asks me, how much I love UART Sanded Pastel Paper (AKA simply UART to this artist ;) ) as my number 1 support for my colored pencil work.

I began using sanded surfaces made for pastels way back in the early 90's. I tried several but found they were fickle; they couldn't stand up to the pressure, they were weak or flaky and frankly, over all they were a big disappointment. Then I tried Wallis... I fell in love with Wallis for a while, but it was a short lived romance. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad, we had our moments! After all, I created a few of my major works on Wallis, like my "Shootin' The Breeze", but this support was needy. It was demanding. It drug things out and made me re-work it all the time. It was frustrating at times and well....we just didn't get along, I was falling out of love.
"Shootin' the Breeze" - Wallis

Then I had the opportunity to try UART. I had been looking for Ersta, and I was told at the time that UART was the replacement. So, when the opportunity arose I ordered my first UART. When it arrived I was eager to try it out, so guiltily I cut a small piece from a large sheet and I cheated on my beloved Wallis...

"Workin' the Strawberry Roan" was the result of my first encounter with UART, a little 8x10 colored pencil,

Oh! The guilt I felt! I was intrigued, how far could I go? I used UART again, and again, resulting in "The Boys of Summer",

"Sunshine, White Mountain Apache",
"Open Range",

Then it dawned on me that I loved this support, it was my new GO-TO. There was no more guilt! Wallis who??? I never missed those last 2 sheets of Wallis packed away in that box, I only had plans for one support and that was UART. UART was my new love, oh the things we could do, the works we could create! The 600 grit became my favorite, and still is today. This support is comfortable for me. It allows me to work the way I want to work, it's ok if I make major changes, or throw solvents or heat at it. It  have even scrubbed and scraped it (don't ask! lol), and while it might moan a weee bit, it never gives up on me... nor I on it.

So when the awesome Ann Kullberg asked me to do a demo on how I work on UART I had to say yes!

You can find that demo here in the June issue of Ann's E-zine:

Ann Kullbergs Colored Pencil Magazine, the June 2014 issue!

As a sneek peek.. here is that finished demo, but you'll have to visit Ann for the rest!

 Now.. I have a date with a sheet of UART, gotta run!!!

Later Taters!


"Capturing the spirit of a portrait, the sparkle of a moment in time, or the soft sounds of your memories."


Beth S Macre said...

Ohhh, Toni, you are so bad! Cheater! But I completely understand why! I find Uart to be very attractive! ha

Toni James said...

Don't forget seductive!!! ;) lol Beth.

Norma Paul said...

Did I get through? Comments are all positive, but won't list them until I know this posted

Toni James said...

Yes, Yes indeedy Norma lol

Norma Paul said...

Yay, you got it! I really like what you've done with each area (well more demos would be nice) I am hoping that I can follow your journey in just one area - here! You are the best!