Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Dry Dry Dry Out There!

Fire danger is and extreme thing in Northern Arizona during the late spring/early summer months. Everything is so dry and dusty. So when we planned our trip up last month ( to clean up forest debris around the house for fire prevention) we also planned a pick-nick but were prepared to stay on the numbered Forest Service roads only due to the stage 2 fire restrictions that were in place. That's fine with us, we still enjoyed the day out in the "cooler than the valley" weather, the pick-nick and silly family....

 No rain means the wild horses water at the stock tanks, making them easier to find. Here is this dark stallion again, the first one I shot last year. Last time he was with another stallion but this time he's got friends of the other gender. Funny, this is almost the exact same spot too. The haze in the air is from a forest fire miles away.
 Boys will be boys..who can resist a dirty face?? Not me, I like them like this lol.
 Apparently the Wild Iris don't need a lot of water to bloom, they must get it from the snow melt. Either way, they are beautiful to see.

This stallion is familiar.. he's the other bachelor that was with the dark one last year. Gotta say this guys made it "bigger" with several mares and foals. Although, his foals are ...homely. lol. 

 Awwww nuts.. 

 Silly Boy

Ya think this little buckskin and the bay are siblings? lol... 

So ended our lovely weekend.... I've many more wild horse images  to upload to my smugmug gallery for viewing. I will share a link when I've finished. 

Enjoy!!!! Later Taters.


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