About Me and Desert Winds Studio

Hi and Welcome to Desert Winds Studio!

I have now combined both my photography and my artwork into one blog! Time just didn't allow for the upkeep on 2 anymore. By combining them I hope to be able to update more often. I hope you enjoy the new combination, because I can't choose just one artistic outlet, both photography and fine art define who I am inside.

I'm a native Arizonan, born and bred desert rat. I grew up in Mesa, where I married my high school sweetheart over 34 years ago. We have 5 wonderful kids, 3 great son-in-laws and 4 of the cutest grand babies ever! No, no... no prejudice there at all.

I've always loved the outdoors and was always artistic, even as a toddler. I grew up drawing .. that was the one constant in my life.  After we were married, when the kids came along, there was no time for drawing, however, I was taking lots of snapshots with my cheap little camera. Mothers Day, 1979 my Husband and the kids surprised me with a Minolta XG-1 SLR, with a couple of lens'. Little did he know he was creating a monster!  I wore out that poor Minolta, repaired it, wore it out again... several times over. A couple years ago, I was frustrated because my Minolta needed repaired yet again. By this time I wasn't only taking pictures in general, but using it to take my resource images for my artwork.

Being the bestest Husband ever, he came to my rescue. I now love my DSLR, even more than I ever did my Minolta SLR.  Of course, I'm still learning, and being an artist at heart, I am always trying new things.  Composition, lighting, focal points, mood.. just like my artwork, capturing that special image isn't always that easy. Funny, now my artistic captures aren't always meant for resource material.. some are perfect the way they are.

One thing is for sure, every photograph composed and captured successfully is just as much a learning event as each canvas painted, or each paper drawn upon.... one can never stop learning.

I hope you come along on my journey with me.



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