Tips & "How To's"

Mounting Uart to a backing board.

Uneeda Enterprises, the manufacturer of Uart, now offers a large selection of varied sizes of pre-mounted Uart. So if you like premounted supports that's the perfect solution for you. However, if you like to transfer your images via a light box, those won't work for you. Uart is extremely dense, making a lightbox a little difficult, but impossible if it's pre-mounted.

I have a back stock of unmounted product, so this is how I mount it to my backing board when I need to. I have used this process on WIPs before, but it's better to do at the start!

This piece I'm starting is in a 5"x7" format, and I've already ordered the frame/backing for it, online. I'm going to dissasemble my frame, but I'm covering my workspace with bubble wrap to protect the frames finish first.

Then I'm going to turn the frame over, placing it on the bubble wrap, undo the clips  and remove the foam core backing.  (I use this because then I know my finished artwork will fit exactly into this frame when I'm finished.)

Then I remove the bottom mat which is the mat with the smallest opening ( I have a double mat on this frame).  The blue you see is the protective film over my UV acrylic glaze. I'll leave it until I assemble the frame, then it simply peels off.

Now, setting my mat aside, I place my backing board where I can work on it, then I'm going to place my Uart on top of my foam core backing board. 

Center the Uart to where I think it should be....
Then to make sure the Uart is in the correct place, I simply lay the mat I removed from the frame, over the Uart, (as if I were assembling the frame) to make sure it covers the Uart completely. Then I gently lift the mat, being careful not to move my Uart. I return the mat to the protective frame, then I put it away until this piece is finished.
Now, with a pencil I trace around the edge of my Uart, creating a guide to place my Uart for the final mounting.

Remove the Uart, here you can see my outline. This is where I want my Uart to be when I'm finished.
This is what I use, it was easy to find. However I have seen the craft stores sell other brands, and 3M even has one for artwork too. Just make sure your adhesive is acid free. It will say so if it is, if it doesn't don't use it!

I'm using Uart 600 here, ( I prefer 500 or 600 to their other grits)

You should spray outside or in a well ventilated area, but I'm spraying here just for this one time... I moved my backing board to a safe place and covered my table with paper.

Following the direction on the can, I apply a thin coat of adhesive to the back of my Uart.
Then, removing the paper on the table, I set my foam core backing board where I can work on it again. Guide side up of course.

Then, taking my now "tacky on the back" Uart, I turn it over so it's now adhesive side down. Then placing one edge along the guide I traced, I sort of "roll" the Uart down to the other side, always making sure I'm still within my guide lines.
Then using a hard rubber brayer I roll and press firmly to attach the Uart and to remove any air bubbles that might be lurking between the two. First one way, then the other. Per the directions on the can of adhesive.

Now, the great thing about Uart is if I needed to, I could lift a corner of the Uart without damaging the support, it's that strong. Not sure how the foam core would take it though lol.  Of course it's better not to risk it, doing it right the first time is a much better way to go.

Then, because I dropped my pencil on my Uart at the end, I need to clean it up with my kneaded eraser!
It's that easy, now.. were ready to begin!

Keep scribbling!